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Action/ Dirtied Film Hair

Action/ Dirtied Hair

Health and Safety:

  • Always look at the client’s scalp to see if they have any skin conditions such as eczema, dandruff etc, this is so you do not drag the comb over the sensitive area and cause irritation or bleeding
  • Look for spots or abrasions and avoid putting heat on these areas to avoid irritation or bleeding
  • For areas of the scalp that are drier or for those with skin conditions, rubbing more conditioner into that section of the scalp will help to moisturise the scalp surface
  • Always check for lice around the neck and ears DO NOT WORK ON CLIENTS WITH HEAD LICE
  • Always conduct a client consultation to see if they are allergic to any products you are planning to use or if they have any skin conditions that could be irritated
  • Check for piercings that could become caught in hair
  • Check the client’s hair for any damage to avoid causing further damage, consider adding serum to help protect the hair
  • For clients with extremely greasy hair, avoid putting conditioner in the roots, this will help the hair to stay grease free for a longer period
  • Do not use a paddle brush on wet hair as this causes the hair to become elasticated and snap, use a wide tooth comb
  • Ensure your hair dryer has a vent to avoid catching the client’s hair in the fan
  • Always ensure there is a nozzle on the hair dryer to allow heat direction and avoid heat damage


  • Conditioner
  • Pin tail comb
  • Denman brush
  • Emily head
  • Fullers earth
  • small hair bands

Four Strand Knot Braid

  • Using a Denman brush gently brush through your client’s hair ends to root
  • Using a pintail comb section on the front section of the hair, about an inch thick and split into two
  • Take these two pieces and knot together, you will need an assistant to hold each piece of the knot in their hands
  • Repeat the above steps with hair directly below the first knot and ask your assistant to hold the hair, they should now be holding 4 strands of hair from two separate knots
  • Now taking a piece of hair from either side of the head bring them under the knots you have already made, taking the first two strands from the first knot you created add these strands into your third knot and tie the sections
  • Repeat this process, alternating from the outside of the head to the inside each time you knot and always remembering to bring the strands from two knots before into the new knot to continue the shape and structure of the braid.
  • When you get to the end of the head, continue knotting down and tie with a small hair band to secure the braid

Greasy Hair

  • Brush through the hair with a denman brush end to root
  • Get a small amount of conditioner in a bowl
  • Use the pintail comb to sperate the hair to allow access to the roots
  • Using your fingers massage a small amount of conditioner into the root’s and brush through with the comb
  • The less you use the more realistic the effect of greasiness
  • To give a dirtier effect add fullers earth into the greasy areas

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