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Last Updated: 1 January, 2023

At Courtney Beauty we pride ourselves on the services and products we provide and will always endeavour to perform at a very high level, providing outstanding services and products, offering clients complete satisfaction throughout their Courtney Beauty experience.  

Please take the time to look throughout “Terms and Conditions” to ensure you are fully satisfied with them before you purchase any Items from the Courtney Beauty website.  


Courtney Beauty has endeavoured to fully explain our offers, services, and products throughout our website so please take the time to search for and view items that require understanding and clarity.  

By accessing or using the Site in any manner, including, but not limited to, visiting or browsing the Site or contributing content or other materials to the Site, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions of Service. Last updated: 1st January 2023

Listed below are the terms and conditions of our business which are written in “Plain English” where possible to ensure clarity and transparency for all of our working partners. These terms and conditions will apply to all contractual agreements whereby Courtney Beauty agrees to provide the supply of products or services associated with the above.  

Please take time to read through these terms and conditions as they have been written to protect both you the customer and Courtney Beauty It is recommended that you print a copy for your future reference.    


Courtney Beauty (The Company): Courtney Beauty its Employees and Directors.  

Terms and Conditions of Service: Are Courtney Beauty rules by which the Customer agrees to abide by in order to use any of its services  

The Customer: Is a Customer, Company, Organisation or Individual that is requesting or purchasing services or products from Courtney Beauty.  

The Client: Is a client, Company, Organisation or Individual that is requesting or purchasing services or products from Courtney Beauty.  

Sales Order/Purchase/Payment: The transaction and contractual agreement between the Customer and Courtney Beauty for Courtney Beauty to provide any goods or services once payment has been made.  

Piracy: Piracy refers to the unauthorised duplication of copyrighted content that is then sold to a third party.  

A Refund: The payback of money to a customer who is not satisfied with goods or services purchased from Courtney Beauty. 

Postage & Shipping: Refers to the method and process of delivery of a purchased item from Courtney Beauty to the Customer and any Items sent by the Customer to Courtney Beauty for refund, exchange, or inspection.  

Copyright: Copyright refers to the laws relating to the use of the work of a creator e.g. artist photographer or author. This also includes the copying, distribution, altering, and display of any creative, literary of any other types of work  

Makeup Service: A Makeup service is a variety of specified services provided by Courtney Beauty in which a client can book a makeup artist to apply makeup to a client. 

Hair Service: A Hair service is a variety of specified services provided by Courtney Beauty in which a client can book a Hair stylist to style a client’s hair. 

Makeup Artist: A Makeup artist is a Courtney Beauty employee who specialises in makeup design, application and consultation, if a client books a makeup service a Makeup artist will carry out the experience and apply the makeup to the client 

Hair Stylist: A Hair Stylist is a Courtney Beauty employee who specialises in Hair design, styling and cutting, if a client books a hair service a Hair stylist will carry out the experience and style the client’s hair. 

Contractual Agreement: A contractual agreement is a legally enforceable agreement between two or more parties generally relating to a transaction for the purchase or sale of inputs, goods, and services. A contract involves obligations on the part of the contractors which may be expressed verbally or in writing.  

Warranty/Policy Terms: A written guarantee, issued to the Customer of an article by its manufacturer or supplier, promising to repair or replace it if necessary, within a specified period of time. These are Terms and conditions of warranties supplied by Courtney Beauty.  

Opt-out: If a client chooses not to participate in marketing, advertising or email activities with Courtney Beauty.  

Opt-In: If a client chooses to participate in marketing, advertising or email activities with Courtney Beauty.  

Carrier/Shipping: The Company chosen by either the customer or Courtney Beauty to ship or post items.  

Personal Data: The information provided by the Client when purchasing a product or service from Courtney Beauty ‍    


‍By agreeing to Courtney Beauty terms and conditions the customer acknowledges the legal responsibility of Courtney Beauty and Indemnifies Courtney Beauty against any claims or legal actions however related to the supply of any products or services to the customer.  

Age Restrictions: In the event that you are under age, make it known that you must be 16 years of age in order to make a purchase on a product on Clients must be 18 years of age in order to make a purchase of a service on  

Under the circumstances that a client is under 16 years of age, they may not make a purchase of a service on our Site unless they have parent/guardian permission. Persons of 13 years old and under may browse our Site. However, said persons may not provide personal information to us nor register an account on the Site. This Site is not directed to children under age of 13 years old. By accessing or using the Site, you are acknowledging that you have read, understand, and agree, without limitation or qualification, to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.  

Prices: The price of our products (including VAT) will be the price indicated on the order page when a client places an order. Although we try to make sure that the price shown on the Website and order page are accurate, some of the prices may be incorrect. If we find a mistake in the price of a product a client has ordered, we won’t be able to accept your order and we’ll contact the client as soon as possible to give them the choice of continuing with the order or cancelling it. If we can’t reach the client we will cancel the order and refund the amount of the product.  

Credit Card Payments/Fraud: All credit card payments must be approved by the credit card holder before purchase. If in the event a credit card has been used by third-party without the owner’s consent (i.e. Refusal by the “Client” to pay) Courtney Beauty will inform the appropriate authorities of the fraud and legal action will be taken to recover any debts. The customer should also be aware that administration and legal fees which have been incurred in the pursuance of recovering of any the debt will be paid for by the individual who illegally purchased the products or services or the cardholder.  

Price Changes: Prices for our products are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Service or product (or any part or content thereof) without notice at any time.  

Payment after Delivery: The customer agrees that once products or services have been delivered to them if payment for any reason is cancelled or refunded by their chosen payment provider, they will become legally responsible for payment of the debt.  

Payment Conversions: All billing is completed in the UK pounds. Your bank will auto-convert to the day rate. You can select the most major currencies to get an estimated value by going to the menu at the top of the page and changing the store’s currency. All rates are checked live but should be regarded as an estimate. Your bank rate will differ.  

Service Payment: Full payment is required up front for all Courtney Beauty services, this is because we do not take deposits. For information regarding cancellation please see our cancellation policy

Purchasing Products: Clients can place an order to purchase products by following the on-screen prompts after clicking on the item they wish to purchase. The client will have an opportunity to check and amend their order up until the point at which they place their order by clicking the “Order and Pay’ button.  

Order Confirmation: After the client has purchased product(s) or service(s) they will receive an email to acknowledge receipt of their order and to provide them with an order number. Order acknowledgement or confirmation emails confirm only that we have received a client order and not that we have accepted it. Once we have acknowledged receipt of the client’s order, we will check that we have the product(s) in stock.  

Multiple Product Orders: For a multiple product order, Courtney Beauty will make every attempt to ship all products contained in the order at the same time.  

Shipping Charges: You will only be charged for products contained in a given shipment, plus any applicable shipping charges. You will only be charged for shipping at the rate quoted to you on your purchase receipt. The entirety of this shipping charge may be applied to the first product(s) shipped on a multiple shipment order.  

Order Acceptance Policy: The customer’s receipt of electronic or other forms of order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. This might be because a product is out of stock, because we have identified an error in the price or description, we have been unable to obtain authorisation for your payment, or you do not meet the eligibility to order criteria. Courtney Beauty reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order for any reason or to supply less than the quantity you ordered of any item.  

Pre-Orders: Items that are listed as pre-order will always be shipped on a first-come, first-served basis. All shipping dates given are estimated and should not be treated as a guaranteed date. It is the customer’s responsibility to always check the product page and/or the Courtney Beauty website for any updates regarding shipment delays, change, or confirmation of shipping dates. Pre-Order items are not classified as Out-of-Stock items and therefore do not fall under the stated Out-of-Stock terms. No exceptions.  

Order fulfilment mistakes: If Courtney Beauty makes an error of supply resulting in the shipment of incorrect product to the customer you will be accepted for the return no later than 7 days from the date of receipt to the customer.  

Invoice Disputes: If the customer disputes an invoice. They must inform Courtney Beauty within seven days in writing or via e-mail. Outside this seven-day, period Courtney Beauty will assume that the invoice value has been accepted and full payment is therefore due.  


Courtney Beauty currently offers two types of discounts which are as follows:  

NHS: NHS workers will receive 10% Discount on all product and service orders, given they provide a valid NHS ID (The discount will not be valid in conjunction with any other promotional discounts active on the site)  


Loyalty Reward Cards: Reward cards will be available to all of our clients: To clarify, when the client books a service with Courtney Beauty, they will receive a business card with 6 Courtney Beauty logos on the card. Each time the client books and receives a service from Courtney Beauty, the artist will give the client a loyalty reward stamp once the booking/service has been completed. On receipt of 6 stamps and their Loyalty Reward Card is complete, the customer will receive 50% off their next Service booking. Only one stamp will be giver per booking regardless of the number of people attached to that booking.

Who can receive the discounts or Offers: All offers available to UK residents only 

Invalid Discounts: At times there will be promotional discounts active on the site including: sales, bundles, group booking offers. NHS discounts are not valid in conjunction with these discounts. 


Order Cancellation: From time to time our clients may change their mind about the purchase of a product. A Client may cancel any order purchased from us online at any time from the date on which we email you to confirm that the order has been dispatched until fourteen (14) calendar days after you receive the product. For example: if we provide you with a dispatch confirmation email on 1 January and you receive the product on 10 January, you may cancel at any time between 1 January and the end of the day on 24 January. 

Service Cancellation: In the unfortunate event a client may wish to cancel the order of a booking or service they will be subject to our cancellation and refund policy. Please be advised that 50% of the service payment will be non-refundable for reasons including but not limited to; cancellation of wedding, date change, change in services, weather, sickness, etc.

What can be Returned/Refunded: As a customer, the client has legal rights in relation to products that are faulty or not as described. These legal rights are not affected by the clients right of return and refund in this clause or anything else in the Terms.  

Returns Exemptions: Courtney Beauty will not accept returns from clients which: 

(a) Are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons.  

(b) Become unsealed after delivery.  

(c) Have been clearly personalised (such as by being engraved).  

(d) By reason of their nature cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly.  

Please note: None of the above affects your statutory rights if goods are faulty or not as described. 

Faulty Goods or Not as Described: If the client has returned the product to us because they are faulty or not as described, we will examine the product as quickly as possible. If the non-compliant nature of the product is confirmed by us, we will refund the price of the product in full, together with any applicable delivery charges, and any reasonable costs they incur in returning the item to us (upon production of an applicable receipt).  

How to Cancel a Product Order?  

The easiest way is to do so is for a client to fill out the Customer Contact Form. If the client uses this method, we will email them to confirm we have received the cancellation. To speed the process up the client can also contact Courtney Beauty by telephone on 07760595680.  

In the event that the client receives their product before they changed their mind, they must return it to us unopened and unsealed without undue delay (and in the meanwhile retain possession of the product(s) and take reasonable care of them) and in any event not later than 14 days after the day on which they let us know that they wish to cancel. The client will be responsible for the cost of returning the product to us.  

Where to Send the Cancelled Order: The client must send the product back to us accompanied with the returns note. The client should also obtain proof of sending when they return the Products to us. We recommend that the client keeps their proof of sending to cover for the unlikely event that we do not receive the returned parcel. We cannot accept any liability for Products being returned that are lost in transit. The client is advised to take out enough postal/carriage insurance to cover the value of the contents. The client should save proof of posting/despatch and tracking information until the refund has been processed. The client will be responsible for the cost and risk of returning the Product(s), except when using a prepaid return label provided by Courtney Beauty.  

Failing to Return a Cancelled Order: In the client fails to return any product(s), the direct cost of recovery of the products will be borne by the client. The client shall assume all reasonable risks linked to the return of product(s).  



Shipment Confirmation: An email confirming the shipment of the client’s order will be sent to the client when their order has been shipped. Clients are advised to print out this email or keep a digital copy in order to keep track of the order. Clients will be able to access updates about their order in the ‘accounts’ section of the Courtney Beauty site  

Good Received by The Client: When in receipt of goods from Courtney Beauty the Customer must diligently check the goods /products delivered for damage by the shipping/postage agent. If the goods the good have been received damaged, the client must inform the carrier and their customer services immediately or within 12 hours of receipt. Any delay in reporting the loss or damage to the carrier may impact on any claim.  

Shipping Claims: In the event, an item has been received damaged during transit from our chosen shipping company the customer must follow the following procedure: 

1. Inform the shipping agent/Carrier within 12hours of receipt giving them details of the damage and photos. Please note any delay in reporting the loss or damage to the carrier may impact on any claim. 

2. The Client must Inform Courtney Beauty in writing as to the damage and please supply 3 pictures of any damage incurred. It will be essential that the client re packs any item/Items up safely and securely for return shipping. 

3. Any Damaged Items returned within 48 hours of receipt to Courtney Beauty to the delivery address on our website. On receipt of the returned goods, Courtney Beauty will issue the customer a full refund less any extra shipping costs incurred.  

Claims: Damaged goods need to be returned to Courtney Beauty before any claims for refund can be investigated, reviewed, or accepted. By agreeing to Courtney Beauty terms and conditions of service the customer also agrees that no refund can be paid to the customer by Courtney Beauty for any loss or damage until the item has been returned for inspection. Once the carrier has to accept responsibility and liability and Courtney Beauty will any reimbursements of funds due to the customer.  

Aborted Delivery by The Carrier: If a carrier has neglected to deliver an item and assigned it for return to Courtney Beauty a full refund will be given to the customer within 4 days of notification from the carrier.  

Return Items Shipping: Courtney Beauty cannot accept any refund claims for loss caused by the shipping or postage chosen by the customer for returns but will endeavour to challenge the carrier for a refund on the customer’s behalf. This only applies to items shipped/posted by the customer.  

Shipping Times: Orders placed at will be processed and shipped within 3–4 business days. All orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be processed on the next business day. Please note Courtney Beauty currently does not ship outside of the UK (United Kingdom)  


Courtney Beauty and its employees or directors do not support or condone “Piracy” of any third-party products or software. Our products, services, and masterclasses are supplied in good faith to makeup artists, hair stylists, hobbyists, and enthusiasts of the beauty industry.  


Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for ‘fair use’ for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational, or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.”  

The customer may not use any of our products or services for any illegal or unauthorised purpose nor may you, in the use of the products or services violate any laws in your jurisdiction. (This includes but does not limit copyright laws).  

By ordering a product, service, accepting a quotation, or making an invoice payment the customer confirms that they have read, understood, and agree to the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement. The customer also agrees that these Terms and Conditions are legally binding and a contractual agreement between the customer and Courtney Beauty.   


Courtney Beauty reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.  

The Client/Customer understands that your content (not including credit card information), may be transferred unencrypted and involve (a) transmissions over various networks; and (b) changes to conform and adapt to technical requirements of connecting networks or devices. Credit card information is always encrypted during transfer over networks. You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the Service, use of the Service, or access to the Service or any contact on the website through which the service is provided, without express written permission by Courtney Beauty 

All headings used in this agreement are included for convenience only and will not limit or otherwise affect these Terms and conditions of service.  

The customer also agrees not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the Service, use of the Service, or access to the Service or any contact on the website through which the service is provided, without express written permission by us. The headings used in this agreement are included for convenience only and will not limit or otherwise affect these Terms and conditions of service.   

Timescales: In any instances that a time scale or schedule has been given by the customer if the deadline is not met Courtney Beauty will not be held responsible for any losses incurred by the customer.   

Illness & Other Unexpected Events: Offering our clients a continuous service is one Courtney Beauty’s main goals however our client agrees that Courtney Beauty cannot be liable for the absence of service as a result of illness or other unplanned events.  

Outside Courtney Beauty Control: The client agrees that Courtney Beauty cannot be held liable for any failure to carry out services for reasons beyond its control including but not limited to acts of God, telecommunication problems, software failure, third party interference, Government, emergency on a major scale or any social disturbance of extreme nature such as industrial strike, riot, terrorism, and war or any act or omission of any third-party services.  

Product Description: Each product on the Website is sold subject to its product description. The product description may set out specific conditions related to that product including, without limitation, terms and conditions concerning estimated delivery dates and times, warranties, after-sales service and guarantees. 

Product Display: Images of products on the Courtney Beauty Website are for illustrative purposes only; we can’t guarantee that what the client sees from their smart devices accurately reflects the colour of the products. This means that what the client buys (including any product packaging) may vary slightly from those images.  

Product/Service Availability: The products sold by us are those featured on the Website on the day on which the client access’ the Website, there-by subject to availability.   

Liabilities: Courtney Beauty cannot be held liable by the Client for any consequences or financial losses such as, but not limited to, loss of business, profit, revenue, contract, data or potential savings, relating to services provided.  

Terms Agreement: By agreeing to Courtney Beauty terms and conditions your statutory rights are not affected. ‍ 


How to leave a review: In the event a client wishes to leave a review on a Courtney Beauty product or service, they can click on the “leave a review” button under a particular product or service. Alternatively, the client can leave a review on the Courtney Beauty Facebook Page , the Courtney Beauty Google page: or on Trustpilot.  This will give the client the ability to leave a review. 

What to include in a Review: Any review must: be accurate (where it states facts); and be genuinely held (where it states opinions), Focus on the product and the clients OWN experience, provide honest and detailed information on why the client did or did not like the product or service 

What not to include in a Review: Any review must not: contain a reference to any other company, website or individual; be defamatory or discriminatory of any person; be obscene, offensive, hateful or inflammatory. Promote violence; or breach the law applicable in England and Wales and in any country from which it is posted  

Client Reviews: By leaving a review, the client agrees that: we can publish the review on the Website; we can moderate the review, we can remove the review from the Website at any time, if we think that the review isn’t in line with these terms, and that we don’t need to tell the client that we’re going to remove it; and we won’t be liable to the client if we do remove the review from the Website.  

If the client would like to share feedback about product selection, pricing, ordering, delivery or other customer service issues, they are advised to not submit through a product review, instead reach out to us directly. Courtney Beauty reserves the right to not post a review or to withdraw a posted review for any reason.  


We are committed to providing a high-quality efficient service to all our clients. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with our service, we want you to tell us about it. This will help us to improve our standards of service to our clients.   

In the unlikely event that you have a complaint, please contact us in writing or via e-mail ( with as much detail as possible please. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint initially as detailed below. In order to carry out a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding your complaint, we will need time to ensure we consider your complaint carefully and will respond in seven days or receipt.  

If a Client/Customer comes across any Offensive Content on the Site, we would be grateful if you would immediately report this to us by contacting: 

What happens next when a complaint is made?  

The staff Courtney Beauty will use the following procedure in dealing with your complaint:  

1. Initially, Courtney Beauty will send you a letter acknowledging receipt of your complaint within three days of receiving it, enclosing a copy of this procedure.  

2. We will then investigate your complaint. This will normally involve passing your complaint to a Director who undertakes the investigation.  

3. The Director will call you to discuss your complaint with you within 24 hours of receiving your complaint  

4. Within three days of contact, the Director will confirm any decisions which have been made with regards to your complaint  

At this stage, if you are still not satisfied, you should contact us again and we will arrange for another Director unconnected with the matter to review your complaint carefully and make a final decision  

You may receive a further call from a Director to establish any other details 

This decision will be sent to you in writing confirming our final decision. 



Limitations of Liability covering services provided by Courtney Beauty are in accordance with the company’s Public Liability Insurance.  

Courtney Beauty agrees to follow the purchase instructions of the customer in good faith. Therefore, the customer agrees to indemnify Courtney Beauty in full, against unlawful acts which may give rise to any legal claim on resulting in pursuance of penalties, damages, costs, legal expenses whatsoever arising, which may occur as a result of following the client and or instructing principle instructions.   

The Client will indemnify and keep fully indemnified its officer’s employees or other agents against any third party claim or action made or instituted against any of them in respect of any losses, damages cost or other expenses in connection therewith (including without limitation any payment by Courtney Beauty legal advice to settle any such claim or action) which is either due to the Client (by act or omission) rendering the Information given to Courtney Beauty inaccurate or incomplete or arise otherwise in connection with this agreement but (in connection only to the Client’s use of Courtney Beauty Services) save to the extent that Courtney Beauty is in default.  

Courtney Beauty shall have no liability to the client or any third parties for any damages, including but not limited to, claims, losses, lost profits, lost savings, or other incidental, consequential, or special damages arising out of the operation of or inability to operate these web pages or web site, even if Courtney Beauty has been advised of the possibility of such damages  

Force Majeure: In the event of either party being rendered unable wholly or in part by force majeure to carry out its obligations under this agreement it is agreed that on that party giving notice of such force majeure to the other party with reasonable promptness the obligations of the party giving such notice so far as they are affected by such force majeure shall be suspended during the continuation of the same it is agreed that each party shall use all reasonable endeavours to remove or avoid such force majeure with all reasonable dispatch.  

The term “force majeure” as used herein shall mean acts of God, strikes, lockouts or other industrial disturbances, acts of public enemy, wars, blockades, insurrections, riots, epidemics, landslides, lightning, earthquakes, fire, storm, civil disturbances, terrorism, governmental or quasi-governmental regulations, and directions and any other cause not within the reasonable control of the party claiming suspension all of which by the exercise of due diligence such party is unable to prevent.  

In the event that the obligations of either party are suspended (as aforesaid) by reason of force majeure for a period in excess of 30 days then either party to this agreement may on giving written notice to the other terminate this agreement.  

Revision of Terms & Conditions: Courtney Beauty reserve the right to revise their “Terms and Conditions” at any time. Courtney Beauty will inform the customer in writing of any changes made and if no contact is made by our “Client within seven days Courtney Beauty will presume the customer is happy with the updates and agree to the new “Terms and Conditions”  

Any breach of any of the terms or conditions of service will result in immediate termination of services and result in legal action being taken by Courtney Beauty 


Requirements: If the client would like to be featured on the Courtney Beauty Website: they need meet the requirements; Any content the client submits are theirs or that they have permission to submit it to us; We can publicly share the client’s content on the Website and social media platforms. We have a right to use, store, copy, distribute their photo and/or video and make it available to third parties. It is completely in our discretion as to whether we will use any content submitted to us by third parties and we can take down any content at any time.   

The Courtney Beauty Hashtag: in the event that the client tags #COURTNEYBEAUTY on any social media platforms , they agree to the following: The client grants to Courtney Beauty, and its affiliates, retail partners and/or related entities a non-exclusive, fully paid and royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, and display their photo(s) and/or video(s) that they submit, upload, post or otherwise provide or make available to Courtney Beauty, or its vendors, on or through the website, in its marketing and/or in its advertising, including their User Content that is on third party companies’ websites, for example Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube, that is associated with hashtags related to Courtney Beauty, including (but not limited to), for example, #COURTNEYBEAUTY and #COURTNEYBEAUTYUK. Courtney Beauty and its affiliates, retail partners and/or related entities, may use, reproduce, distribute, combine with other materials, alter and/or edit the client’s photos in any manner in its sole discretion, with no obligation to them whatsoever.  

The client hereby represents and warrants that (i) they own all rights in or to their photos, or have the right to grant Courtney Beauty rights and licenses to the photos, (ii) the client has permission from any person(s) appearing in your photos to grant the rights herein; (iii) the client is not a minor (without parental/ guardian consent), and (iv) Courtney Beauty’s use of the client Instagram handle and/or photos will not violate the rights of any third party or any law. The client hereby releases, discharges and agrees to hold Courtney Beauty and any person acting on Courtney Beauty’s behalf harmless from any liability related in any way to Courtney Beauty’s use of their social media handle, their photo(s) and/or video(s).   


 ‍On receipt of goods or services from Courtney Beauty, it is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that the items supplied are used in a lawful and appropriate manner. The Client must obtain all the necessary permissions, copyrights, and authorities in respect of the use of items purchased from Courtney Beauty.  

Courtney Beauty and its suppliers, employees, or directors do not support or condone “Piracy” of any third-party products or services. Our products, services, and masterclasses are supplied in good faith to makeup artists, hair stylists, hobbyists, and enthusiasts of the beauty industry. On receipt of goods from Courtney Beauty customers are requested to act responsibly and adhere to copyright and authorities with the use of the goods supplied.  

By agreeing to Courtney Beauty’s terms and conditions the Customer acknowledges the legal responsibility of Courtney Beauty and Indemnifies Courtney Beauty against any claims or legal actions however related to the supply of any products or services to the customer.  

When receiving goods supplied by Courtney Beauty the Customer must make every effort to receipt the goods themselves as allowing a third party to accept them may result in any claims not being delivered upheld. If goods have arrived damaged the Client must inform Courtney Beauty in writing within 12 hours of receipt of their goods.  

Courtney Beauty will work within prescribed delivery dates quoted on our website. If the customer does not receive the products within the prescribed time the “Client” must inform Courtney Beauty in writing within 24hour of the expiry of the final expected delivery date.  

By ordering a product, service, accepting a quotation, or making an invoice payment the customer confirms that they have read understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement and have entered into a “Contractual Agreement” with Courtney Beauty to supply goods or services. The Client also agrees that these Terms and Conditions are legally binding.  

It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure you understand the full purpose of the products, device(s) before you purchase it. We do not provide refunds on any opened or used merchandise if the item is not deemed defective.  

Courtney Beauty is not responsible for the customers’ ability to use any of the product(s) we sell. It is up to the customer to fully research how to use any product(s) prior to purchasing from Courtney Beauty. In some cases, items may require certain skills in order to be used successfully for use (i.e. Application tools etc.) 

In the event of product misuse Courtney Beauty is not responsible for any damages that may occur while using any of the products we supply. Any damage that may occur is the responsibility of the customer and Courtney Beauty does not accept any liability.  

The customer is responsible (With no acceptations) for all shipping charges this includes any returned parcels due to incorrect details or address supplied.  

It is the responsibility of the customer to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner when dealing with Courtney Beauty its company and/or staff. Any acts of aggression or profanity will not be accepted, please respectfully ask any questions or work with Courtney Beauty to resolve any concerns you may have. Browse on the Internet using cookies or similar technology or when you click on advertisements for our products.  

Courtney Beauty reserves the right to terminate contact and/or communication if the guidelines above are not followed. No compliance may also result in the banning of the customer from placing any future orders with Courtney Beauty or logging onto website.  



Customers can contact us by calling us at: 0760595680 by e-mailing us at

All calls will be charged at the local rate. If we have to contact you, we’ll give you a call or email you using the details you give us in your order.  

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