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Gothic Editorial Make-Up

Gothic Editoiral Make-up

Health and Safety:
• communicate with your model to avoid causing discomfort around the eye
• always tie your hair back
• Ensure your work area is a suitable temperature to accommodate your clients’ needs
• Keep a tidy organised workspace to avoid spillages and hazards
• Always check your products are in date
• Always check if your model has any allergies to any products you are planning to use
• Always carry out a PAT test of the product to test if your model is allergic to the products
• Check for cuts and grazes on the client’s skin, avoid working on these areas
• Always complete a client consultation
• Clean brushed after EVERY use
• Wash hands before and after working on a client
• Always decant/ depot makeup never uses directly onto a client’s face unless you an sanitise the products after use

• Brush kit
• Clothes wrap
• Foundation palette
• Purple / Pink toned eyeshadow palette
• Primer
• Eyebrow Palette
• Foundation setting Powder
• Contour and Highlight palette
• Spoolies
• Dark purple lipstick
• Dark purple lip liner
• Cleanser
• Toner
• Moisturiser
• Setting spray
• Mascara


• Wrap the client in clothes wrap to protect their clothing
• Wash your hands
• Cleanse tone and moisturise the client’s skin
• Prep the skin using a primer onto the T zone of the face
• Using a brow tone that matches your client’s natural brow colour, apply using an angled brush throughout the brows to give a fuller effect
• Add a small amount of a light shade of concealer to the eyelids to prime them for eyeshadow and using a blending brush to blend into the eyes
• Using the dark purple eyeshadow shade on a dense flat brush create a winged liner effect
• Using the same brush blend this colour upwards and outwards in a v shape to create a smoked liner effect
• Then using a fluffy brush take a dark pink and apply this over the entire lid and blend
• Keep repeating these two steps till you have a gradual blend between the purple and pink
• Once you have reached the opacity of your liking take the dark purple almost black toned eyeshadow onto an angled brush and apply this close to the lash line to darken the look
• Repeat this process on the lower lash line to create a Smokey smudged gothic liner look
• Using a spoolie apply mascara to the tops and bottom lashes of your client, ensuring the lashes are coated evenly
• Colour match your client and mix the foundation as needed
• Stipple the foundation over the entire face with a fluffy foundation brush
• Set the foundation with the loose foundation powder with a fluffy powder brush
• Contour and highlight the face using tones that complement the client’s skin tone
• To finish the look, apply the purple lip liner to the lips and then fill with a purple lipstick
• And finally spray with a setting powder for long lasting pigmentation


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