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Character/ Cosplay Wigs

Character and Cosplay Wigs

Health and Safety:

  • Wash your hands before and after working on your client
  • Ensure your gentle when brushing/ braiding your client’s hair
  • Ensure your being careful not to get hair in your client’s eyes
  • Keep a neat workspace to ensure you don’t lose any products or create hazards
  • Wash your stocking cap after every use


  • Wig cap
  • Hair pins
  • Denman brush
  • Pintail comb
  • Clear hair bands
  • A Wig


  1. Brush your client’s hair with a Denman brush from end to root
  2. Using a pintail comb part your model’s hair down the centre
  3. Section off one side with a clear hair band and French braid the loose side, tie off the braid with a clear hair band
  4. Repeat process on the other side
  5. Criss-cross the plaits into an ‘X’ and pin into place using hair pins to create a flat base for the wig cap
  6. Place the front of the wig cap at the front of your client’s hair line
  7. Ask your client to use their for-finger and index fingers on both hands to hold the front of the wig cap, pull the back of the wig cap down and to the base of your client’s head
  8. The wig cap should be tight enough that it is secure and will not move
  9. To put the chosen wig onto your client, use the same application process as the wig cap
  10. Some Wigs have clips installed to further secure the wig to the client’s wig cap, slide these gently into the base of the client’s hair/ wig cap
  11. Using a brush, neaten and style the wig to your liking.
  12. Spray with hair spray for extra hold


  • Do NOT Dutch braid the hair under the wig cap or you will create a larger / lumpy base for the wig to attach to
  • Make sure you use a mirror to your advantage when applying the wig. This will help you align the wig to your client’s natural hair line for a more natural appearance

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