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How to prepare for your service

Preparation Guide

Step 1

Allocate a well-lit area for the service to take place in. Ensure a table and a chair is available. The table will be for the artist to lay out and set up their makeup kit and the chair will be for you to sit on whilst the makeup application takes place. It is necessary for this area to be well lit, in order for the makeup artist to apply the best makeup application possible. Poor lighting could result in mismatched foundation tones etc

Step 2

Wash and or cleanse your face to remove any oils, products and makeup from your face. Unless it is absolutely necessary, please avoid applying any products to your skin after cleansing as this could affect the makeup application and the longevity of the makeup’s wear-ability

Step 3

Prepare for the artist to arrive 20 minutes prior to the booking start time of the makeup application. This will give the makeup artist time to prepare, set up their makeup kit and sanitise the area without affecting your booking time

Step 4

Be ready to sit back, relax and have your makeup application started at the allocated booking time

Words from courtney beauty customers

Courtney came over to do my prom makeup and wow !!!! So good 🤩🤩 I gave some inspiration ideas of what I was looking for and I was so impressed of the outcome!! When taking photos the makeup looked so clean and not Cakey at all. Would 100% recommend Courtney ❤️

I got my prom makeup done by Courtney and I was really happy with the outcome .
I showed photos of makeup looks I wanted and I got exactly what I showed her .
I definitely recommend if you want a specific look / design for you because Courtney is very precise.

Absolutely love the service provided by Courtney! Absolutely beautiful make up as you can see here. Everyone else agreed and said how fantastic it was. 10/10 Recommend. She’s brilliant, friendly and super lovely!! 

Absolutely in love with the look Courtney did for me and she provided such an amazing service!
Courtney’s done a few looks for me now and I’ve only ever had a great experience. Would highly recommend!!

Loved this look so much and so did everyone else who saw it! Would definitely recommend, extremely professional and was a very good overall experience!


Courtney has done my makeup multiple times and I have got exactly what I asked for and more every time! Whether it was for a theme/ fancy dress night or just a night out with my friends I loved every look that I got! Courtney is also so lovely and easy to chat with whilst she is doing your makeup also, will deffo be going back and recommended to all my friends! thank you Courtney

Courtney is so talented and the way she does her own makeup baffles me! How???🤯
When she done my makeup, she was nothing less than professional and friendly. She made me feel so at home and the appointment felt more like hanging out with one of the girls (which she is) but it didn’t feel like business. She was so welcoming and made sure all my needs were met. I was so happy with the outcome of my glam and she used colours which I’d never used before and I loved it! I highly recommend Courtney🖤

What a transformation. I felt 10 years younger. Courtney was amazingly professional, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers on frequently asked questions.

If you require further information please visit our dedicated FAQ and Terms and Conditions pages

es, each and every Courtney Beauty employee are passionate about your safety as the client and also our safety as the artists. Courtney Beauty artists clean and sanitise their kit in-between every client with the appropriate anti-bacterial and anti-viral solutions. Makeup brushes are cleaned using 99% IPA and disposable wands are used wherever possible. We also clean the surface we will be working on before and after the service, additionally protecting the surface where-ever possible with a towel or kitchen roll.

Yes, here at Courtney Beauty we are passionate about the safety of our clients and employees. We will wear a facemask throughout the duration of your service and regularly use hand sanitiser to maintain a high level of hygiene standard

Yes, you can have up to two other persons in the immediate surrounding area during the service. We advise against having more than two persons in the immediate surrounding area during the service to increase the safety of yourself and the artist and to provide a calm and relaxed environment with minimal distractions. This is so the artist can perform the best service for you