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Lips and Eyeliner

Lips and Eyeliner

Health and Safety:
• Always wash your hands before and after working on your client
• Always wrap your model in a gown to protect their clothing
• Complete your consultation notes to indicate if the model has any skin conditions or allergy’s
• Communicate with your client to avoid causing discomfort
• Always tie your hair back to avoid getting hair in your face or the client’s face
• Always decant/ depot products where possible or ensure products are properly sanitised

• Clothes wrap
• Brush kit
• Hair clips
• Cleanser, toner, moisturiser
• Primer
• Foundation
• Eye liner (colour of your choice)
• Lipstick and lip liner (colour of your choice)
• Spatula


  1. Wash your hands
  2. Wrap your client in a clothing wrap to protect their clothes
  3. Cleanse, tone and moisturise your client
  4. When you have selected your liner colour, using a spatula decant a small amount from the pot and place on the back of your hand to warm up
  5. Using a very fine thin angled brush pick up the product on the brush
  6. Ask your model to look forward and follow the natural line of the crease with the product to lay the first line of the liner down
  7. From the end of the first line bring it back in towards the lid and stop at the inner corner
  8. Fill the liner in with the colour
  9. If you are using a very wet cream product set the liner with a powder or eyeshadow close to the colour you are using
  10. Repeat on the other eye
  11. To clean up the edges and neaten the line use either concealer on a brush or cleansing water on a cotton bud and wipe away the excess product to leave a sharp line


  1. Ensure your model has moisturised lips using either a lip balm or Vaseline
  2. Using a lip liner one shade darker than the shade of the lipstick, outline the client’s lips to create the basic shape, overdraw slightly if needed to create a fuller appearance
  3. Fill in the outer corners with the lip liner to create dimension and more full effect on the lips
  4. Using a spatula decant the chosen lip shade from the lipstick and place on back of hand to warm up
  5. Using a small lip brush pick up the product and place down in the centre of the lips
  6. Begin to blend the product out into the lip liner this will create an Ombre effect

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