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Emotional Film Make-Up (The Morning After a Night Out)

Emotional Film Make-Up (The Morning After a Night Out)

Health & Safety

  • Ensure your work area is a suitable temperature to accommodate your clients’ needs
  • Keep a tidy organised workspace to avoid spillages and hazards
  • Always check your products are in date
  • Always check if your model has any allergies to any products you are planning to use
  • Always carry out a PAT test of the product to test if your model is allergic to the products
  • Check for cuts and grazes on the client’s skin, avoid working on these areas
  • Always complete a client consultation
  • Clean brushed after EVERY use
  • Wash hands before and after working on a client
  • Always decant/ depot makeup never uses directly onto a client’s face unless you an sanitise the products after use


  • Mascara
  • Spoolies
  • Neutral Colour eyeshadow palette
  • Black gel liner
  • Red lipstick
  • Foundation
  • Foundation Setting powder
  • Concealer palette
  • Makeup brush set
  • Primer
  • Spatula and palette
  • Blush Palette


  1. Mix a foundation colour which matches your client’s skin tone and into that mixture add one pump of primer
  2. Using the spatula mix the two products together to create a lightweight foundation
  3. Using a flat foundation brush apply the foundation heavily to your client’s face, no need to be careful
  4. Using a kabuki brush in circular motions rub the foundation into your client’s skin and create an even layer
  5. Using a shade 1-2 shades darker than your client’s skin tone from the concealer palette create a contour and bronzer on your models face and blend using the kabuki brush
  6. Use a grey/ green toned concealer from your concealer palette, apply under the client’s eyes to create a tired and drained appearance
  7. Use a large fluffy brush to set your models face with a foundation setting powder and apply this in circular motions to create a dry flaky skin look, the powder will cling to your client’s dry spots to give the appearance that they have slept in their makeup
  8. For the eyebrows use an eyeshadow from your palette that is similar to your client’s brow tone, go in heavy with the application and there is no need to be neat
  9. Smudge the tail ends of the brows to create a worn look
  10. For the eyes messily apply a light brown eyeshadow shade with a fluffy blending brush being neater on one eye to create the effect that your client had slept on one particular side of their face
  11. To add definition, add a darker brown eyeshadow to the lid and smoke out, however on the ‘messy’ eye pat the darker shade on messily
  12. Using a thin angled brush and a black gel eyeliner apply a thin layer of liner to each eye and smudge slightly on the outer corners
  13. Once this is done take a spoolie and dip it into your mascara and coat the bristles
  14. Apply a thick layer of mascara to the tops and bottoms of both eyes
  15. On the ‘messy’ eye clump together some lashes using the tips of your fingers to give a ‘slept’ on appearance
  16. Apply a light layer of blush to create a slightly flushed look
  17. Finally using an angled brush apply a line of red lipstick to the outline of your client’s lips to create the appearance of her lipstick being worn off throughout the night

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